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 Standard Fees are $95 for the initial comprehensive evaluation and treatment - Seventy five minute session. 

 Follow up treatments are $70 for hourly sessions. 

 Standard Pediatric Initial comprehensive evaluation and treatment is $80 - one hour session.

 Follow up treatments are $55 for 40 minute sessions.


 You may be eligible for insurance coverage or receipt reimbursement. Please call your member services to check   your plans coverage. Every employer is different.

 *Certain BCBS PPO's will reimburse 80% for 20 visits per year when you submit your paid receipts.  

 *Tufts and Fallon - If you have a 'Wellness Benefit" with your plan that allows you to get reimbursed when joining   a gym, usually it can also be used for acupuncture. These are usually $150-$250 per year. 

 *CIGNA-possible reimbursement if your deductibles are met

 *Aetna- some plans reimburse receipts 80%

 *Mail Carriers Insurance- Co-Pay

 *Iron Workers Insurance- Co-pay with pre-authorization

 *Flex spending or HSA accounts can also be used for Acupuncture. We accept the cards.